Dec 30, 2022

The God With Us ALWAYS

At Christmas more than other times in the church year, we hear the name “Immanuel”. Translated it means “God with us”. Beautiful songs, beautiful verses in scripture mention Him. It’s an exciting thing to realize that the almighty God, creator of the universe, who hung the stars in the sky, is here with EACH of us, every minute of every day! It doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are, He is there.

Today as I think of a memorial service I will be attending later this week, of other friends who have such huge burdens they are carrying, friends who have lost their jobs, friends trying to have a baby with no luck. The heartbreak, the pain. Add to that all the things going on around us in this country. It is more than a person can handle. Thankfully, we do not need to handle it alone. Immanuel will handle it with us. He will be here to hold us during our loudest screams of pain. He will be here with His army to fight in the dirt for us. He will be here to show us how to pick ourselves up, as He wipes away the tears.

In Ps. 30 it says weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Our weeping may last more than a night, time for God is different than us, but He is faithful to bring joy.  In fact, I have often thought although our God is truly amazing; what He has created (everything), what He has done (Held back the red sea, TWICE. Brought down the walls of Jericho with the toot of a horn. Caused a boy to killed a giant with one stone), I think my favorite thing is the Peace and Joy that only He can supply. In the midst of chaos, tremendous trials and fear, He alone is there.

I read an article about a woman going through breast cancer. She said she had a great support group. Friends and family who helped, took her to treatments, showed they cared, but at the end of the day, you go through it alone. No one can truly walk this journey with you, except Jesus! He alone is there with you every minute of every day. She had peace and joy in the journey and she realized that the experience, although very hard, brought her closer to Him. Our health is like that. Each of us have had or definitely WILL have an issue at some point. But I am sure that the same could be said about David with his sling. NO one went out to battle with him. NO one else stood beside him. They were all afraid. David knew God led and equipped him to be there. He knew that he did not need the Kings armor to protect him. I think also that Mary felt the same when she was asked to carry the Savior. When she was in labor in that cold, drafty barn, although Joseph was beside her, she was going through it alone…. Except for God.

As we throw out the old wrapping paper and pack away the Christmas decorations, let’s not forget the reason that baby was born. Let’s remember all year the incredible gift He gave us by coming to earth, so that we can live with Him in heaven. Even before that, He is Immanuel, God with us! He is the only one who can walk your path with you, and He will.


Shirlene Peterson