December 15, 2020

Dec 15, 2020    Matt Greven

John 4:29
Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. (NIV)
And now, Lord, listen to what they are saying. They are trying to make us afraid. We are your servants. Help us to say what you want us to say without fear. (ERV)

This verse is the prayer of the believers when they were told about the arrest of Peter and John, and how the apostles were threatened because they were sharing, healing, and preaching in the name of Jesus. (Listen to last weekend’s message for more on that) After Pastor’s message I finished reading the chapter and came across this verse. What struck me was that these early Christians did not ask for less persecution but less fear, they didn’t ask the Lord for more freedom, but more boldness. Boldness, I could use some of that. While it is good to pray for opportunities to share my faith, perhaps I get opportunities everyday and I just need the boldness to share. Especially as we enter this Christmas season, wouldn’t it be easy to greet people with a Merry Christmas and maybe share a little bit about what we are thankful for, or what we are celebrating? Maybe what I really need for Christmas this year isn’t a new shirt or a new phone, but a new boldness to share my faith. How about you? Maybe we don’t have to be like timid 21st century believers, but take a little example from Christians 2,000 years ago and be bold!

May our prayer be like that of those believers; Lord, help us to say what you want us to say without fear!

Matt Greven