April 6,2021

Apr 6, 2021    Matt Greven
In 2003, the men’s basketball program at Baylor University was awful. Not only did they lose a lot of games; but the NCAA would penalize the program after serious infractions came to light including drug use by players, improper payments, and worst of all the murder of a player by his own teammate. The worst college to play basketball for was Baylor, and it wasn’t even close. All the good players left and an inexperienced coach came in. They would continue to lose a lot of games, but the new head coach, Scott Drew, made some changes. He would begin and end practices with prayer. He offered his players Bible Studies and chapel services to attend. Ten years later, in what he described as “the most successful season in Baylor history” five of his players made public pronouncements of faith and were baptized.
This year Baylor has had a lot of wins on the court as well. In fact on Monday night Baylor played for the National Championship in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. As I write I don’t know if they won their first championship or not, but if they did it probably had a lot to do with their best player Jared Butler. He not only teaches Sunday School, but if he is interviewed he often shares his faith. He says, “Because we are at Baylor, we can say the word ‘Jesus’ and that can be our brand, our culture.” In these days of cancel culture, it sure is nice to see people who are willing to share there faith in Jesus. How about you, are you willing to share your faith?
“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes” Romans 1:16