November 10, 2020

Nov 10, 2020    Matt Greven

Pilate asked them, “What should I do then with Jesus? Matthew 27:22

Asking the right question is important. On “Jeopardy!” asking the right question just might change your life. In fact, for the last 36 years on the game-show “Jeopardy!” people have won millions of dollars by asking the right questions. Unfortunately, not everyone asks the right questions. Infamously, Wolf Blitzer of CNN ended up with a score of -$4,600, because he asked so many wrong questions! Yikes, that is embarrassing! But Wolf can still ask himself a much more important question, a question Pilot asked. What should I do then with Jesus?
What have you done with Jesus? For Pilate and the crowd the answer was to crucify Him. Even today many people hate Jesus and those who follow him. Persecution of Christians around the world is common. For others the answer is nothing. They live their lives without ever considering Jesus. They don’t even ask the question, much less answer it. So how about you, what have you done with Jesus? Who is Jesus to you? Do you believe in Him, is He your Savior? More than that is He your Lord, are you serving him with your life everyday. We can all ask ourselves, today what have I done with Jesus? Are we praying or like our Bible on the shelf, is it just for Sundays?

Matt Greven