“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
– Matthew 28:19-20

Family Mission

Family Mission is a time of fellowship with local missionaries as well as ones who serve abroad.

Mission Organizations

AFLC Home Missions | www.aflc.org/home-missions
This is the home missions organization of the AFLC. They are involved in the work and ministry of helping new congregations come into being and become truly free and living congregations. Home Missions is active in the training and equipping of pastors and laity for new ministry works, providing direction, counsel, training, support personnel, and most importantly-prayer covering.

Cup of Cold Water Ministries | www.ccwm.org
Cup of Cold Water Ministries is a local missions organization begun by a member of our local Lutheran churches including Odell Kittleson, currently a member at Helmar. This ministry began with ministry in Bolivia but now also includes missions work in Mongolia, Honduras, Thailand, and the local ministry of the Pine Ridge Christian Center.

Hope of the World – Nigeria Mission
The Hope of the World Mission is run by Pastor Alone Bassey in Nigeria. The ministry is focused on the teaching of the Gospel especially through the ministry of a school there.This mission was begun years ago to make sure that the Hope of the world, Jesus Christ, was made known in Nigeria.Pastor Jeff Swanson is the acting director of this mission. If you would like to assist in this ministry in the Nigerian school or church, send your gift to Hope of the World, % Helmar Lutheran Church.

Lutheran Mission Society – Alaska Mission

This ministry serves the area of Naknek, Alaska. Pastor Jeff Swanson, one of Helmar’s former pastors serves the mission and ministers in the churches there. Included in this ministry is the running of a Christian radio station KAKN (www.kakn.org)the mission also has a hangar and planes that are taking people at opportune times to spread the Gospel to the areas around Naknek.
Under His Wings | www.underhiswingsministry.com
This ministry is located in Ottawa and Morris, Illinois.They minister to women and children in need.They believe that by helping women and children, they are building Godly foundations for their families in the future. Under His Wings provides three programs; maternity, new moms, and a new beginnings program.

Active Missionaries

Jonathan and Tamba Abel
Location: Brazil
Email: tjabel@zaz.com.br
Sending Organization: AFLC

Paul and Rebecca Abel
Location: Brazil
Website: www.paulabel.org
Sending Organization: AFLC

Tomasz and Miriam Chmiel
Location: Ukraine
Website: www.chmiels.com
Sending Organization: EEMN

Henrik and Patty Christopherson
Location: Peru
Sending Organization: WMPL

John and Carmina Donhowe
Location: Bolivia
Email: johndonhowe@ccwm.org
Sending Organization: CCWM

Ray and Ruthann Gorrell
Location: France
Email: ray.gorrell@crossworld.org
Sending Organization: CrossWorld

David and Marivel Hiller
Location: Bolivia
Email: davidhiller@ccwm.org
Sending Organization: CCWM

Paul and Paula Jarot
Location: Thailand
Email: jarot@loxinfo.co.th
Sending Organization: NTM

Nate and Rhoda Jore
Location: Uganda
Email: nrjore@gmail.com
Sending Organization: AFLC

Phil and Sara Kittelson
Location: Bolivia
Email: fkittelson@aol.com
Sending Organization: CCWM

Jim and Judy Larson
Location: Thailand
Email: jlarson@servantworks.com
Sending Organization: ServantWorks

Jonathan and Indira Maraj
Location: France
Sending Organization: Independent

Nan Miller
Location: United States / Illinois
Sending Organization: Navigators

Todd and Barbara Schierkolk
Location: Mexico
Email: aguadevida@prodigy.net.mx
Sending Organization: AFLC

Jeff and Jane Swanson
Location: United States / Alaska
Email: jswanson7@juno.com
Sending Organization: LMS

The Turdiles
Location: Mongolia
Sending Organization: CCWM

Jim and Connie Turek
Location: United States / Missouri
Website: www.ntm.org/jim_turek
Sending Organization: NTM

Mike and Anne Wheeler
Location: Bolivia
Email: mike.wheeler@sim.org
Sending Organization: SIM

Andy and Monica Coyle
Location: Ukrain
Website: coyles@eemn.org

Josh and Ruthie Wagner
Location: LBT-AFLC, USA

Sam and Kelsey Weber
Location: Cameroon, Aftica
Website: theunreached@gmail.com
Sending Organization: International Team

Contact Info

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